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Why Do I Work Here?

Transformative Thought About Business Culture And Relationships

By: Mark Chamberlain

A change is coming, a new way of creating workplace culture, a new way of thinking about your life and the people in it, a new mindset, a new paradigm. It’s already happening. Do you want to get on board?

In Why Do I Work Here?, author Mark W. Chamberlain shares his personal journey of transformation, and how over the past seventeen years he has brought that transformational change into his company.

By empowering people, giving them a safe place to innovate and fail and innovate again, letting them see their impact, getting personal, and treating people the right way, Mark has created an environment at Lakeside Wealth in which people go above and beyond for the company, for the clients, and for themselves.

Now, Mark wants to share what he’s learned with you. Are you ready to transform your thinking about business culture and relationships?


Mark Chamberlain

Founder & CEO, Lakeside Wealth Management | Principal, CAPTRUST

As CEO of Lakeside Wealth Management, over the ensuing two decades, Mark continued to master the art of building an all-in culture that cultivates real relationships with clients and colleagues…

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