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Matt Sharrers

Managing Partner- ETJ Advisory, Board Advisor & Chairman, CEO Coach

Matt Sharrers coaches CEOs to accomplish uncommon goals as Executive Chairman of SBI consulting.


Matt Sharrers is a coach, investor and advisor to CEOs and the PE firms for whom they work. Sharrers spends his time enabling these CEOs to accomplish uncommon goals that alter their personal trajectory. Currently, Matt serves on 5 boards and is the Executive Chairman at SBI, a B2B strategy consulting/growth advisory firm that he and his partners sold a majority stake to CIP Capital in January of 2020. Sharrers resides in Scottsdale Arizona and when not working with CEOs can often be found doing pull ups, playing average golf, or reading.

the second ceo book cover by matt sherrers

The Second CEO

Accelerating Scale When Following the Founder

The only roadmap for a Founder-CEO succession like no other: A how-to for the cohesion, momentum, and growth everyone is expecting. It’s hard enough to replace a CEO. There is an extra layer of difficulty when you’re following a founder. Matt Sharrers knows because he’s been there. He knows, firsthand,…

What is Your Authority Score?