the second ceo book cover by matt sherrers

The Second CEO

Accelerating Scale When Following the Founder

By: Matt Sharrers

The only roadmap for a Founder-CEO succession like no other: A how-to for the cohesion, momentum, and growth everyone is expecting. It’s hard enough to replace a CEO. There is an extra layer of difficulty when you’re following a founder. Matt Sharrers knows because he’s been there. He knows, firsthand, how challenging it can be to find your footing and accelerate scale.

From getting the transition right to professionalizing the business to identifying your team to working with the board, The Second CEO is the road map for this pivotal time. Matt has coached and mentored dozens of Second CEOs and has spent decades in boardrooms serving CEOs and the world’s largest private equity firms who invest in these companies.

This book gives you access to advice from founders, serial Second CEOs, and the people who might invest in you if they trust you can take the business to the next level. Packed with practical advice, how-tos, and captivating tales of success and failure, The Second CEO: Accelerating Scale when Following the Founder is the only book you’ll need whether you already have the job or are in the running.


Matt Sharrers

Managing Partner- ETJ Advisory, Board Advisor & Chairman, CEO Coach

Matt Sharrers is a coach, investor and advisor to CEOs and the PE firms for whom they work. Sharrers spends his time enabling these CEOs to accomplish uncommon goals that alter…

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