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Scott Freidheim

Managing Partner

Scott Freidheim is a family-focused, community-minded, risk-taking adventurer and businessman. He is the managing partner at Freidheim Capital.


With experience as a CEO of a NYSE traded company and in private equity, a board member of numerous for- and not-for-profit institutions, including the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation Board of Trustees and in running businesses with revenues spanning from $1 billion to $45 billion, Freidheim has seen the best and worst in people—including in himself.

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Code of Conduct

Tales of the Roller Coaster of Life

This collection of experiences invites readers behind the curtain alongside author Scott Freidheim’s life as he collides with a seemingly impossible number of historical events and figures. From sprinting for his life from the World Financial Center on 9/11, surviving a school shooter’s attempt on his life, to meetings with…

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