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Code of Conduct

Tales of the Roller Coaster of Life

By: Scott Freidheim

This collection of experiences invites readers behind the curtain alongside author Scott Freidheim’s life as he collides with a seemingly impossible number of historical events and figures.

From sprinting for his life from the World Financial Center on 9/11, surviving a school shooter’s attempt on his life, to meetings with Michael Jackson and exploring his Neverland Ranch, navigating business in the Gulf during Arab Spring, pondering with heavyweight champ George Foreman in his locker room, to discussing taking Facebook public with Mark Zuckerberg, and so many more.

With 32 digestible and captivating chapters on relentlessness, compassion, giving, service, and more, Scott editorializes his personal experiences, hard-earned wisdom, and practical strategies that will send you on a wild ride and, at the same time, have you contemplating creating your own code of conduct.

Freidheim’s transparent, raw storytelling and thought-provoking reflections create a compelling narrative that is a tour de force on the human condition. Through a dissection of his anecdotes, Scott weaves together the importance of defining a rudder in life in an agenda-driven world of content filtration and social media, presenting a treasure trove of wisdom in each chapter. 

With a professional yet conversational tone, Code of Conduct captivates readers with astute observations, suggesting a practical, bespoke outlook on personal growth and guidance. This is a book that delivers entertaining relevance and reflection for all.


Scott Freidheim

Managing Partner

With experience as a CEO of a NYSE traded company and in private equity, a board member of numerous for- and not-for-profit institutions, including the U.S. Olympic & Paralympic Foundation…

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