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Steve’s story is deeply rooted in his family origins – particularly that of his great-great-great grandfather, Colonel Stephen Heard. A soldier and politician, Steve’s namesake fought with George Washington in the French and Indian Wars and the Revolutionary War, before becoming the first governor of Georgia.

Steve’s own account opens with his upbringing in Westwood, Massachusetts, his private education at Milton Academy in the 1950s, and his years of sports, friends and academics at Harvard. Shortly after receiving his degree, Steve was commissioned in the United States Air Force and served three years as an intelligence officer in Spain.


While living on the civilian economy and making local connections, he participated in some of the Cold War’s most challenging episodes – a number of which are still largely classified today. At the close of his eventful three-year tour, Steve became only the third American to fight bulls in Spain as a licensed matador, earning him a framed picture in one of Barcelona’s oldest and best known restaurants, Los Caracoles.

His image sits among some of Spain’s most well-known, historical matadors. After his return to the United States in the 1960s, Steve attended Stanford Law School while working as a Santa Clara Deputy Sheriff. He then began a decades-long career practicing international law at several law firms―two of which he founded. He investigated and litigated international transborder transactions, including smuggling and financial matters, cases that took him to the farthest reaches of Europe, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

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All The Way Up

The Declassified Story Of An American Life Lived To The Fullest

Take your front row seat as Steve Heard reflects on a “life lived all the way up.” With sagacity and style, he shares seven decades of adventure with readers. He offers real-life accounts involving some of history’s most influential decision-makers. All The Way Up also reveals Steve’s philanthropic side, detailing…

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