All The Way Up book cover

All The Way Up

The Declassified Story Of An American Life Lived To The Fullest

By: Stephen Heard

Take your front row seat as Steve Heard reflects on a “life lived all the way up.” With sagacity and style, he shares seven decades of adventure with readers. He offers real-life accounts involving some of history’s most influential decision-makers.

All The Way Up also reveals Steve’s philanthropic side, detailing 20 years on the Board of the New York City Fresh Air Fund, the last 13 of which he was president. He also served several terms on Stanford Law School’s Board of Visitors.

Steve now enjoys retirement with his wife, Susan, in Seabrook, South Carolina. Borrowing a line from Teddy Roosevelt, Steve’s lifelong friend and Charleston neighbor, John Winthrop, likes to say, “Steve Heard is truly a classic ‘man in the arena.’”


Stephen Heard


While living on the civilian economy and making local connections, he participated in some of the Cold War’s most challenging episodes – a number of which are still largely classified…

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