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Tracee Perryman

CEO Center of Hope Family Services, Inc

Tracee Perryman, PhD, is the CEO and cofounder of Center of Hope Family Services, whose mission is to improve the life outcomes of individuals and families living in urban settings.


Under her leadership, CHFS has expanded its services to provide an array of evidence-based programs centering around Positive Youth Development and Adult/Family Support.

Applying her knowledge, experience, and dedicated focus on closing achievement gaps for Black children and assuring equity of opportunities for students of color in urban communities, Dr. Perryman has developed the award-winning, comprehensive after-school educational program ELEVATE! Her work has garnered national attention, making her a sought-after speaker in the field of education

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An Afterschool Enrichment Model for Fostering Children’s Academic, Social, and Emotional Resilience

YES, STUDENTS CAN LEARN AND SUCCEED IN AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS! ELEVATE!’S DETAILED CURRICULUM SHOWS YOU THE WAY. All children are gifted, capable of learning, and capable of succeeding academically and socially. After-school program practitioners simply need to be equipped with the proper tools to facilitate their students’ learning and success. ELEVATE:…

Elevating Futures book cover

Elevating Futures

A Model for Empowering Black Elementary Student Success

Ongoing racial disparities in academic performance indicate that Black children need increased attention in after-school interventions. Dr. Perryman has dedicated her career to designing culturally relevant programs that move the discussion from failure to potential and hope for Black kids. In this book, she guides educators, school administrators, and social…

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