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Tracey Grove

Founder, Pure Symmetry

Tracey Grove is the Founder of Pure Symmetry and the author of Taming the Sabertooth.


Tracey Grove is a high-performance coach specializing in leadership effectiveness and executive coaching. With over two decades of experience across both public and private sectors working on three continents, Tracey has benefited from managing individual and interpersonal issues, communication challenges, and organizational shifts. She has taught the skill of resilience to thousands in over twenty countries around the world.

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Taming the Sabertooth

Resilient Leadership in a Stressful World

The sabertooth has evolved. Unfortunately, our response to it hasn’t. Until now. Throughout human history, we have had to deal with physical threats in our environment. When a hungry saber-toothed cat saw us as a delicious snack, we had a split second to decide whether to fight an opponent we…

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