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Taming the Sabertooth

Resilient Leadership in a Stressful World

By: Tracey Grove

The sabertooth has evolved. Unfortunately, our response to it hasn’t. Until now. Throughout human history, we have had to deal with physical threats in our environment. When a hungry saber-toothed cat saw us as a delicious snack, we had a split second to decide whether to fight an opponent we stood no chance of defending against, run in the opposite direction, or hide behind a rock attempting to be invisible.

This is the fight-flight-freeze response hardwired into our brains that is activated in response to any perceived threat. At a time when there is significant anxiety both at home and in the workplace, it is critical for us to understand how our bodies react to stress, why stress is a necessary element of our lives, and how we can better cope with it to become better leaders.

In Taming the Sabertooth: Resilient Leadership in a Stressful World, we are reminded that while we cannot necessarily change our environment, we do have the power to shift our response to that environment by building resilience. Hiding behind a rock is not an option; to thrive in work and life, you have to tame the sabertooth. Today, the battle lines are drawn.


Tracey Grove

Founder, Pure Symmetry

Tracey Grove is a high-performance coach specializing in leadership effectiveness and executive coaching. With over two decades of experience across both public and private sectors working on three continents, Tracey…

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