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Wolf Ruzicka

Chairman of the Board at EastBanc Technologies

Wolf Ruzicka is a sought-after technology veteran guiding enterprise transformations and innovations.


Wolf Ruzicka started his career in the late 1990’s, and is now a sought-after technology veteran with deep expertise guiding enterprise transformations and software innovations. Wolf is a seasoned executive, serial entrepreneur, big data expert, and technology thought leader. He serves on dozens of boards as a director, advisor, and mentor to CXOs, resulting in several successful exits.

ai driven by wolf ruzicka and victor shilo

AI Driven

Staying Alive in the Age of Digital Darwinism

The AI Imperative: Innovate or Perish As artificial intelligence transforms industries, companies must adapt or face extinction in this new era of “Digital Darwinism.” In AI Driven, technology practitioners Wolf Ruzicka and Victor Shilo draw on decades of experience guiding Fortune 500 companies through digital revolutions. They clarify for business…

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