ai driven by wolf ruzicka and victor shilo

AI Driven

Staying Alive in the Age of Digital Darwinism

By: Wolf Ruzicka Victor Shilo

The AI Imperative: Innovate or Perish As artificial intelligence transforms industries, companies must adapt or face extinction in this new era of “Digital Darwinism.” In AI Driven, technology practitioners Wolf Ruzicka and Victor Shilo draw on decades of experience guiding Fortune 500 companies through digital revolutions.

They clarify for business leaders the various stages of a gradual evolution from a traditional into an AI-powered enterprise using five diverse case studies. Whether grappling with the threat of digital disruptors, optimizing complex real-time systems, or leveraging AI to streamline core operations, the authors’ real-world examples showcase practical steps any organization can take.

From reshaping company identity to discovering quick wins through minimum viable predictions, Ruzicka and Shilo detail methodologies to assess AI readiness, execute effectively across teams, and balance innovation with economic viability. While underscoring the competitive necessity of adopting AI, AI Driven debunks the myth of what AI really means for enterprises.

With vision and iterative experimentation, legacy companies can spearhead category-killing AI solutions. Far from a magic bullet, it takes deliberate digital recalibration to thrive in the age of Digital Darwinism. AI Driven provides the blueprint.


Wolf Ruzicka

Chairman of the Board at EastBanc Technologies

Wolf Ruzicka started his career in the late 1990’s, and is now a sought-after technology veteran with deep expertise guiding enterprise transformations and software innovations. Wolf is a seasoned executive, serial…

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Victor Shilo

Chief Technology Officer EastBanc Technologies

Victor Shilo started his career as a developer in 2003 and now as a CTO leads a global team of 200+ engineers. In this capacity, he is often asked by…

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