3d cover of a lifetime of sensational smiles

A Lifetime of Sensational Smiles

Transforming Your Child’s Life Through Orthodontics

By: Dr. Kerry White Brown

A smile says a lot about a person―even how confident you are in pursuing your dreams. Exactly what does your smile say about you? If you’ve been putting off making the smile of your dreams a reality because of finances, fear, or lack of faith, brace yourself: Dr. Kerry White Brown is here to tell you that your dreams may be more in reach than you thought. A winning smile can change your or your child’s life―all it takes is this book to find out how.

In A Lifetime of Sensational Smiles, Dr. Kerry White Brown explains orthodontics in a simplistic way to relieve all of your fears and show you why your smile is something worth investing in.

So if the thought of going to the orthodontist or dentist has you grinding your teeth with anxiety, Dr. White Brown will put your mind at ease in this refreshing read about the importance of pursuing orthodontics to help you achieve your very own Sensational Smile.


Dr. Kerry White Brown

Founder, White Brown Smiles

Dr. Brown has been setting the standard for high quality orthodontic care since 1998. After receiving her undergraduate degree from Benedict College, she attended Howard University College of Dentistry, where…

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