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Using Data To Inspire Extraordinary AD Creative

By: Peter Daboll

At last, a book that puts ‘ad creative’ in its proper place to drive brand success. ADitude advises and empowers advertisers to leverage data, unleash creative power, impact brand performance and out-market the competition.

Written by Peter Daboll, one of the leading minds in ad creative measurement, Ad-itude discusses the effective use of data throughout the creative process will produce ads that consumers choose to view from beginning to end, rather than ignore. Daboll draws on his vast experience, exploring lessons gleaned over the course of his career.

He identifies obsolete rules that lead many marketers astray, warning against various modern-day modeling pitfalls. Ad-itude shows the difference between testing and guessing. Furthermore, it explains why experimentation always trumps a reliance on the assumptions that lure marketers into dangerous ROI traps.

Daboll’s recommendations for an iterative versus sequential approach, to measure creative effectiveness, guarantee maximum impact for any ad or campaign.


Peter Daboll

CEO, ACE Metrix

He began his career in senior management positions with Nielsen and the Analytic Consulting Group of Information Resources, Inc., (IRI) where he pioneered the development of marketing mix models using…

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