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Creative Learners by Selma Ridgway

Stories Of Inspiration And Success from People with Dyslexia, ADD, or Other Learning Differences

By: Selma Ridgway

For a child with learning differences, success may seem impossible. In stumbling through traditional lessons taught by teachers who don’t understand students who learn creatively, children doubt their own competence and ability to be successful. However, with the right support and learning strategies, students with learning differences are more than capable of achieving anything and everything they dream for themselves.

In Creative Learners, Selma Ridgway, a longtime teacher and advocate for children with dyslexia, ADD, and learning differences, shines light on the stories of those who have overcome their learning obstacles and gone on to live fulfilling and accomplished lives.

Written by students, parents, and teachers, these stories aim to inspire and ignite hope in those who continue to struggle through the traditional education system. This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who feels held back by their learning differences and unable to succeed.


Selma Ridgway

Life Coach, Ridgway Coaching

Selma Ridgway has dedicated her career to working with and being a champion for those with ADD and learning differences. After working in schools for 27 years, Selma founded her…

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