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Happy Belly

A Woman's Guide to Feeling Vibrant, Light, and Balanced

By: Nadya Andreeva

Happy Belly Guide is your personalized roadmap to rediscovering the joy of a healthy relationship with food, while enjoying the benefits of efficient digestion.

Using the wisdom of Ayurveda, mindfulness and psychology, Nadya Andreeva created the Happy Belly guide, designed to help women heal their digestive issues, find foods that address their body’s unique needs and change habits that are destructive to the body. Happy Belly is jam-packed with practical living and eating tips, journaling exercises, as well as ancient knowledge of Ayurveda that will help you create a personalized approach to food based on combing outer and inner wisdom.

This book is not a diet plan, nor a cookbook. It is a manual on how to create a better relationship with your body and your digestion by building awareness, understanding and an open dialogue. Using the experience and knowledge gained from working with hundreds of women in her private wellness coaching practice, Nadya Andreeva encourages readers to find their own balanced approach to discover an eating pattern that aids in their digestion. This personalized approach stems from an open communication and collaboration of our logical intelligent mind and our wise intuitive body. You will discover:

· How to reduce and prevent post meal bloating and help your stomach be regular
· Overcome emotional eating, overeating, and binging that are overloading digestion and create a negative internal dialogue
· Easy to digest foods that help to soothe a sensitive and irritated gut while providing nutrient-rich source of energy and satisfaction
· Tips for treating food with love and being able to treat yourself to any food as long as you know how to balance it out
· How to use your mind and emotions to help your body heal
· How to deal with one of the main enemies of an efficient digestion – stress

You will also get access to multiple materials online available for a free download with the books purchase.


Nadya Andreeva

Wellness Coach, Author & Mindful Living Specialist

Nadya Andreeva is a certified wellness coach, author and mindful living specialist. Professionally trained in mindful eating, yoga and positive psychology, Nadya helps women create a healthy relationship with food,…

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