3d book cover of How to succeed in the relationship economy

How To Succeed in the Relationship Economy

Make Data Work for You, Empathize with Customers, Grow Valuable Relationships

By: Matt Lindsay

In our changing consumer landscape, it’s not enough to produce an outstanding product or service. To grow valuable relationships with customers, organizations must successfully bridge the gap between data and customer experience. This accessible book contains exhilarating practical examples and takes a refreshing look at how small and large businesses can harness the power of data and gain deep insights into customer needs by making a real connection, even at the kitchen table. The tools included are the key to change your organization’s culture to focus on both human relationships and analytics and grow a healthier financial bottom line.

Learn how to:
•find customers willing to build a long-term relationship
•invest in loyal customers without going bankrupt
•understand the impact of pricing
•explore the power of big data with common sense
•discover deeper customer needs


Matt Lindsay

President, Mather Economics

Matt began his career with the corporate Economics Group of United Parcel Service measuring price elasticity and marginal network costs to improve profitability. Before founding Mather Economics, Matt worked with Arthur…

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