Love What You Do...and Never Work a Day in Your Life by Penny Spencer

Love What You Do…and Never Work a Day in Your Life

Always Wear Lipstick-Especially Red

By: Penny Spencer

For an entrepreneur, problems are unrecognized opportunities. How to go above and beyond, every time. Entrepreneur, businesswomen and mother of two, Penny Spencer, chronicles her journey to success in this gem of a book. As a woman in a position of leadership and managing a family, she has a distinct perspective to running a small business. Inside, she shares lessons learnt, mistakes made along the way and everything in between, including:

• Creating a great culture
• Rolling with the punches
• Growing a staff
• Making way for family
• Keeping up with technology
• Creating an Exit Strategy

This book will help anyone who is looking to start a business, or already in business, believe that success is possible. This easy read offers ample insight on how to ensure that you always love what you do, so you never work a day in your life.


Penny Spencer

Founder - Spencer Travel

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