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Making The Cut

Ten Things You Should Consider Before Having Plastic Surgery

By: Dr. Darshan Shah

Plastic surgery isn’t just for movie stars and millionaires anymore. Today, it’s more acceptable and accessible than ever before. But whether you’re a mom who wants your pre-pregnancy body back or you just want to look as young as you feel, educating yourself on the plastic surgery process is vital.

Experienced plastic surgeon Dr. Darshan Shah knows the intricacies of plastic surgery procedures and now, in Making the Cut, he offers insight and guidance for those interested in transforming their body and life. Split into two distinct parts, the book explains what you must consider before plastic surgery and delves into a variety of plastic surgery procedures, such as facial procedures, tummy tucks, and breast lifts. You’ll learn how to prepare for and what to expect from your surgery, so that you can increase your likelihood of an incredibly successful outcome.

Dr. Shah has witnessed firsthand the power of plastic surgery in changing lives. After a successful procedure, patients feel confident and ready to take on the world. But in order to reach that happy ending, you need to get informed about what you can do to drastically increase your chances of success. By doing so, you can join the millions of other people all over the world who have improved their lives through plastic surgery.


Dr. Darshan Shah

CEO, Beautologie and Next|Health

As a health and wellness specialist, he has advised thousands of patients on how to optimize their well-being and extend their lifespan, culminating in the creation of Next|Health, the “Apple…

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