3d book cover of selling with purpose by barr

Selling with Purpose

The Universal Way

By: William Barr

As a sales professional, you may be well-versed in the rhetoric and techniques of past authors and sales trainers. Most sales materials have not changed; they just get redefined and reinterpreted with each generation. What has changed is the attention span and the availability of your prospects. People have less time, and sales efforts must be more impactful than ever before. As a result, William Barr has created a selling system that cuts to the chase with understanding how, why, and when prospects buy. In Selling with Purpose: The Universal Way, you will learn how to:

1. Save time and energy, while earning your prospect’s business.
2. Set or reset your destiny through goal setting.
3. Develop more impactful communication skills.


William Barr

CEO, United Windows Direct

Also, he endorses the idea that the more value you add to others, the more valuable you become. With the changing nature of today’s consumers, you must create a scenario…

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