3D book cover of the SNOB experience

The S.N.O.B. Experience

Slightly North Of Broad

By: Frank Lee

Shortly after opening its doors in 1993, Slightly North of Broad restaurant became an integral part of its hometown, reflecting at once Charleston’s bright spirit, open attitude, and historic character.

It is a home, a family, and a heart for thousands that, for more than twenty years, beat to the resounding drum of Chef Frank Lee. This book does not try to speak to every dish churned out of the S.N.O.B. kitchen over the years. Instead, it presents classic recipes―those “sacred cows” that regulars would not allow off the menu―as well as long-running seasonal plates and many of the sauces, side dishes, and dressings that played foundational roles in the restaurant’s popular Lunch Express and Dailies menus. But don’t expect long explanations and elaborate instructions. It’s on you, dear reader, to see these recipes for what they are―a starting point. It’s on you to bring them together and to use what’s around you―to learn your technique and create balance within the rhythm of your own kitchen. Accept the challenge, embrace the effort, and evolve.


Frank Lee

Founder, Slightly North of Broad

Shortly after joining restaurateur Dick Elliott and restaurant manager David Marconi as chef at the Colony House in Charleston, SC, the trio opened Slightly North of Broad at 192 East…

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