The Ultimate Sales Revolution book

The Ultimate Sales Revolution

Sell Differently. Change The World

By: Steve Lishansky

Are you ready to become your clients’ partner in success? Curious about developing more productive sales relationships? Tired of client conversations that require a degree of manipulation and probing?

Interested in producing powerful, profound results in your sales endeavors? The Ultimate Sales Revolution delineates the process by which you can achieve these goals. Lishansky explains how to become the indispensable partner in your  client’s success.

By ensuring you attentively deliver on every client request, you attain an exalted level of respect and trust – thereby differentiating you from the competition. You will build a strong and sustainable client relationship by avoiding Lishansky’s 3 Sources of Miscommunication.

Each principle in Sales Revolution will, when used correctly, transform your ability to secure business. Get paid for your value, as opposed to your time.

Earn the access, recognition and rewards reserved for only the most successful players in your field. Advance your professional impact, work life satisfaction, and most importantly: your results.


Steve Lishansky

Founder, Institute for Sales Innovation

Steve has also worked with nonprofits and fast-growing entrepreneurial firms. Passionate about building high-performing cultures, Steve is committed to bettering his clients and driving results. He is likewise passionate about…

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