The VIP Principle book

The VIP Principle

Discover How Guest Experiences Drive Long Term Growth

By: Michelle Pascoe and David Staughton

Wow Your VIP Guests And Boost Your Business

Whether you run a casino, resort, club, hotel, restaurant or conference center, it has never been harder to compete for your guests’ dollar. How can your business cater to all of its highest-paying guests if they are from different generations and cultures, each with their own languages and high expectations? The VIP Principle is your answer.

Inside, you will learn the best strategies that business veterans Michelle Pascoe and David Staughton have collected over a combined 50 years to help you continuously improve your guest experience, including easy-to-implement ways you can:

• Measure guest satisfaction to find your strengths and weaknesses
• Gather competitor intelligence
• Create a workplace of high-quality values and ethics
• Develop team-oriented leaders that impress your guests
• Satisfy current VIP guests and identify future ones
• Prioritize improvements based on your guests’ needs
• Use entertainment, dining and décor to fill your venue all year long The VIP Principle is a sure bet to keep your best guests coming back―and bringing their friends.


Michelle Pascoe and David Staughton


She works with small to multimillion-dollar companies in the gaming industry, as well as the hospitality, retail, manufacturing, real estate, government, automotive and professional services sectors to ignite employee potential…

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