transforming the utility pole

Transforming The Utility Pole

Using Innovation To Disrupt Commodity Markets And Fuel Sustainable Business

By: Barry Breede

Transforming The Utility Pole is about one company, Cox Industries, and their mission to establish an innovation program that powers the creation of a unique, industry-leading business model. Family-owned and operated for over sixty-five years, Cox Industries–recently acquired by Koppers–is the largest American-owned provider of treated wood utility poles in the US. With the addition of Cox Industries, Koppers is poised to become one of the largest wood treatment, production, and supply companies in the world.

This book frames the challenges facing many small and mid-sized companies trapped in price-driven, commodity-like industries who remain hopeful of finding a more promising future. In Transforming the Utility Pole, author Barry Breede shows how one company and its strategic approach to innovations that are both profitable and progressive can serve as inspiration to business leaders across industries who want to make sustainability and corporate responsibility work together while running a successful business.


Barry Breede

Chief Innovation and Marketing Officer, Koppers Utility & Industrial Products

Barry also assists Cox Recovery, a Koppers subsidiary providing utilities with environmentally-friendly methods of disposing of wood waste. A graduate of the University of Oregon, Barry has also worked extensively…

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