Vectors book cover


Heroes, Villains, and Heartbreak on the Bridge of the U.S. Navy

By: Thomas Modly

In November of 2019 Under Secretary of the Navy Thomas Modly was unexpectedly elevated to the position of Acting Secretary of the Navy.

Vectors critically details his nineteen weeks at the helm of the Department of Navy—a rollercoaster ride of peaks and valleys that ultimately ended with his resignation in the wake of his decision to relieve the commanding officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt in the early days of the COVID-19 crisis.

Secretary Modly passionately describes the many challenges facing the Department of the Navy during his tenure, and why he chose to be particularly outspoken and active in his role. In so doing, he admiringly identifies the American heroes he met along the way.

These heroes are unknown to most, but they share a common bond of service defined by love, honor, and integrity.  He also highlights the multitude of villains he encountered.

These villains, he contends, threaten the future of the Navy and Marine Corps’ ability to address the emerging threats of this century.

Vectors is an entertaining, spiritual, and emotional glimpse into the world of Pentagon politics that raises serious questions about the agility and viability of organizations tasked with defending the nation. It also provides critical lessons for leaders faced with addressing the broad array of perplexing issues produced by unexpected events.


Thomas Modly

Thomas recently served as the 33rd Under Secretary of the Navy, and for five months, as the Acting Secretary of the Navy. His leadership style was marked by his compassion…

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