victory lap book cover by nathan cox and lindsay cotter

Victory Lap

Winning the Race To and Through Retirement

By: Lindsey Cotter Nathan Cox

Will I outlive my money? Will my spouse be secure if I die? Will I be able to leave a legacy to my children?

If you’re in the Red Zone – those years between age 40 and retirement – this question is almost certainly on your mind. But getting a straight answer to it is harder than it should be because the financial services industry is failing the people it’s intended to serve – people like you.

You’ve worked hard and taken risks to create the nest egg you’re counting on to support you in retirement. But how you manage that money going forward is even more important than it was before, because once you’re in the Red Zone you don’t have the time to make up those losses.

How can you avoid the pitfalls that can derail your retirement security? How can you lower your investment risk without sacrificing income and growth? How can you choose the best financial advisor for where you are in your financial life today?

Victory Lap pulls back the curtain on how the industry is run, to help you to understand what’s available to you, and to educate you so that, no matter who your advisor is, you know what questions to ask them to be sure they are serving your interests—and not the other way around.


Lindsey Cotter

Cofounder/CEO of Retirement Income Solutions

Lindsey Cotter guides her clients to their retirement goals with conservative strategies and great customer service.

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Nathan Cox

CFO of Retirement Income Solutions

Nathan Cox has been dedicated to his client’s financial needs for more than twenty-three years, providing them peace of mind as he helps them grow their assets while minimizing risks.

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